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Now, city police nod must for indoor, outdoor events

Organisers told to nominate one person for enforcing safety precautions and rules; order to be valid from November 6 to 30

In view of growing instances of public flouting the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for indoor and outdoor public events, the Mysuru City Police have stepped in to stop such violations and encourage the public to follow precautions for bringing COVID-19 under full control.

The move comes at a time when COVID-19 cases had dropped steadily across Mysuru. Amidst the fall in new infections, there are concerns over scant disregard to the rules such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance in public places.

In view of this, the police have made it mandatory to seek their permission for all events organised between November 6 and 30 across the city.

Police Commissioner Chandragupta has issued an order in this regard and listed out the guidelines to be followed mandatorily.

He has made it mandatory for the organisers of events to seek the permission of the respective assistant commissioner of police. The organisers are now supposed to nominate a person for enforcing the government guidelines on COVID-19 at the venues and the same person has to seek permission submitting an application to the police, perhaps to make him or her accountable.

Permission on the number of participants would be granted based on the dimension of the indoor and outdoor venues, so that social distancing was strictly maintained. For an indoor event, permission would be granted for accommodating less than 50 per cent of the hall’s total capacity. For outdoor events, the participation is based on the total size or area of the ground or the area of the venue. This means the number of persons would be decided by the police.

Also, the police have made it mandatory for shops, commercial complexes, religious places, cinema halls, hotels and restaurants to name one person for enforcing the COVID-19 rules and the name and contact number of such persons should be submitted to the jurisdictional police. This would help the station inspectors to coordinate with such persons.

Such persons are supposed to enforce the guidelines and help in containing the spread of COVID-19. The entire responsibility of implementing the government guidelines lies with them and they are supposed to be present at the spot when there was public movement or visits.

The person enforcing COVID-19 rules at marriage or community halls is mandated to ensure social distancing during the events and the participants comply with the precautions such as wearing masks, use of sanitizers, and thermal screening at the entrance. Their responsibility also includes arrangements of seats keeping social distance in mind and ensuring number of participants does not exceed the fixed limit.

If required, the organisers can make use of the services of volunteers and also take the help of police, a note from the Commissioner said here on Thursday.

Mr .Chandragupta said the order applies to government and private events. In case of government events, the respective department has to appoint one officer for the implementation of COVID-19 rules and seek the police’s permission prior to the event.


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