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BJP wrests North East Teachers from Congress

In a closely-fought electoral battle for the North East Teachers Constituency of the Legislative Council, Shashil G. Namoshi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) defeated his nearest rival Sharanappa Mattur of the Indian National Congress, who was seeking re-election to the constituency, with a margin of 3,130 votes. Mr. Namoshi polled 10,212 votes against 7,082 votes secured by Mr. Mattur.

Mr. Namoshi maintained lead right from the beginning till the end. When counting of 7,000 first preference votes was completed in the first round by 1.50 p.m., Mr. Namoshi had obtained 3,148 votes to lead by 956 votes over Mr. Mattur who had bagged 2,192 votes. Timmayya Purle of the Janata Dal (Secular) had obtained 983 votes followed by Independent candidates Chandrakant Singe (26) and Vatal Nagaraj (15).

When counting of another 7,000 first preference votes was completed in the second round by 4 p.m., Mr. Namoshi added 2,894 votes to his basket to increase his lead to 1,771 over Mr. Mattur who got 2,979 added to his cumulative votes. Mr. Purle added 1,373 votes followed by Mr. Singe (28) and Mr. Nagaraj (24). The number of invalid votes too grew to 1,241 in the second round. Mr. Namoshi increased his margin to 1,771 over his nearest rival Mr. Mattur in the second round which also recorded 605 invalid votes.

In the third round of counting of first preference votes that ended by 5.30 p.m. in which 7,000 more votes were counted, Mr. Namoshi added 3,148 votes to his account followed by Mr. Mattur with 1,824, Mr. Purle 1,404, Mr. Singe 37 and Mr. Nagaraj 18. Mr. Namoshi’s margin over Mr. Mattur increased to 3,095 by the end of the third round.

When the remaining 437 votes were also counted in the fourth round within a few minutes, Mr. Namoshi added 228 votes followed by Mr. Mattur with 118, Mr. Purle 55 and Mr. Nagaraj two. There were 34 invalid votes in the fourth round.

When counting of first preferential votes was completed, Mr. Namoshi had 9,418 votes in his basket, while Mr. Mattur had 6,213 votes, to lead by 3,205 votes. Mr. Purle, Mr. Singe and Mr. Nagaraj had 3,812 votes, 91 and 59 votes, respectively.

Regional Commissioner and Returning Officer N.V. Prasad declared the winning formula — obtaining more than half of the valid votes — and fixed the magic figure of 9,797 votes for a win. Of the 21,437 votes polled, 19,593 were valid.

Since no candidate in the top of the grid bagged more than half of the valid first preferential votes to win the race, the process of eliminating candidates from the bottom of the grid and distributing the second preferential votes in their ballot papers among the respective candidates began by 6.30 p.m.

Mr. Nagaraj, who got the lowest first preference votes, was eliminated and second preference votes in the ballot papers where he got first preference votes were distributed among the respective candidates. Of the 59 ballot papers, 30 were exhausted as they had only first preference votes leaving no room for other preferences.

Of the remaining 29 second preference votes, Mr. Namoshi bagged 13 followed by Mr. Mattur with six, Mr. Purle eight and Mr. Singe with two. After the elimination of Mr. Singe, Mr. Namoshi, Mr. Mattur and Mr. Purle got 20, 16 and 28 votes, respectively. There were 29 exhausted votes.

As the elimination of the bottom two candidates did not fetch the required number of votes to either of the remaining two candidates for victory, the process of the elimination of the third candidate from the bottom was initiated by 7.20 p.m. Of the 3,812 ballot papers in which Mr. Purle was the first preference, 2,299 votes were exhausted. Mr. Namoshi bagged 761 votes and Mr. Mattur 847 votes.


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