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Bursting firecrackers around ‘silence zones’ banned in Mysuru

People cautioned against using alcohol-based hand sanitisers while lighting crackers, lamps

Chadragupta, Commissioner of Police, Mysuru, on Friday, said ‘silence zones’ had been identified across Mysuru and bursting of firecrackers in a radius of 100 metres in these zones had been banned from 6 a.m. of November 13 to 12 midnight of November 16.

Making use of the powers vested under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2020, the Commissioner declared the Mysuru zoo, Kukkarahalli lake area, Karanji lake area, Lingambudhi lake area, parks, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, courts and places of worship as silence zones and accordingly restricted the bursting of crackers within 100 meters’ radius of these spots during Deepavali.

In an order issued ahead of the festival, the Commissioner said noise from crackers causes a lot of inconvenience to senior citizens, patients and animals and birds besides posing health risks. The city is already facing noise and air pollution with the rise in vehicle population. Smoke from crackers release chemicals in the air, causing breathlessness, lung infections and other respiratory complications, Mr. Chandragupta said. “It has become inevitable to take certain steps to minimise the impact of noise and air pollution on senior citizens, patients, animals and birds during the festival. Accordingly, silence zones have been declared in a bid to reduce the risks posed by cracker bursting.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Chandragupta cautioned the public against using alcohol-based hand sanitisers while lighting firecrackers and lampa.

In a message here on Friday, he said alcohol-based sanitisers catch fire quickly and could cause harm. Therefore, it was important to take extra precautions this Deepavali amidst the pandemic and take special care of children. The cautionary note gains significance since it has become a habit for many to use hand sanitisers now, in view of instances of people suffering burns after sanitiser-soaked hands caught fire.

Among the places identified as silence zones, Kukkarahalli, Lingambudhi and Karanji lakes harbour migratory birds and many had started arriving to these lake environs and roosting on the trees abutting the lake surroundings.


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