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Will Poulter on working with Michael Keaton in Dopesick: I really love the guy

Will Poulter on working with Michael Keaton in Dopesick: I really love the guy

Will Poulter had his hands quite full this year with versatile projects. The British-born actor helmed the roles of Billy Cutler, an Oxycontin salesman in Dopesick to an English gentleman in Agatha Christie novel based film Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Pulter next has his hands full enacting a supernatural creature in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

In an interview with Variety, the actor candidly explained his experience through these 12 months and how it was for him to be working with Michael Keaton. Starting with Dopesick, Poulter said that he was ‘actively looking’ for a project about the U.S. opioid epidemic. “We’re under no illusions about the fact that the TV show alone isn’t going to reverse the opioid crisis,” the actor says, adding, “But we really hope that it will contribute to the conversation that is being had around how we make people accountable for what happened.”

Dopesick is based on the usage of Oxycontin, a drug that was widely prevalent in 2018 the state filed suit against Purdue. Will Poulter said that the film was emotionally powered due to personal experiences involved. “Lots of the cast and crew had personal experiences with this as an issue or had lost loved ones,” he explains, adding, “And so it was very emotionally charged. And I think you felt that on set quite regularly.”

The spotlight for Poulter in Dopesick was the chance of working with Keaton, who plays a local doctor in the film. “Oh my gosh… When you admire someone that much, and they are that talented, I guess your biggest hope is that they’re also nice and they’re good to be around. And Michael was just wonderful to be around. And that was such a relief, because I would have been heartbroken if he was anything less, I think,” he exclaimed. “When I reflect on how difficult his role was, and the sort of headspace that he had to be in playing Dr. Finnix, the fact that he also found space to be as good as he was to me, and so nurturing and supportive and encouraging — it’s sort of mind blowing, and I’m very, very, very grateful. Like, I don’t know if he knows what kind of impact he’s had on me, but I really love the guy,” he continued.

Poluter was then asked about his role as a superhuman in the upcoming volume of Guardians of the Galaxy. “I’m not really allowed to speak about the part,” he answers. “Just given that it’s Marvel I’m sworn to secrecy. But [I’m] very, very grateful to, you know, be talking about something like Dopesick on one hand and talking about something or, not talking about something like Guardians on the other. But very, very grateful to be doing both,” Will Poulter concluded.

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