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Dharawad Protest in front of DCs Office against water bill

Dharawad: The Samagra People’s Voice Committee staged a protest in front of the Dharawad DC’s Office here against the arbitrary distribution of water bills by L&T to the residents of Jannatnagar.

Jannatnagar is a slum and lacks basic amenities. In the meantime, water bills have been being distributed indiscriminately since the water supply is from L&T. Some people in the area, who live among the poorest of the poor, have been given water bills ranging from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000.

The slum dwellers have not been allotted houses under the Government’s shelter scheme. Injustice has been done to the poorest of the poor without proper survey. Most of the people here live in rented houses. The shelter homes are a mirage. The houses constructed by the Government and other shelter schemes are of poor quality. These should be examined and appropriate action should be taken.

The tax should be reduced considering it as a slum. The protestors demanded that title deeds should be issued to houses constructed in slums.


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